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  • Name of the work camp: Construction of Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization Vocational Skills Training Center for the most vulnerable young people and teenage mothers in Wakiso District.
  • Camp Activities: Site Clearing, Site setting  Excavation for the foundation and construction
  • Duration: First Phase 2weeks starting 17th-30th Nov 2023. 2nd phase starting 30th Nov-15th Dec 2023.
  • Camp fees : 750 Euros
  • Start date:  First Phase 17th -30th Nov 2023, 2nd phase: 30th Nov -15th Dec 2023.
  • Number of Volunteers: 25
  • Venue: Namayumba Wakiso.
  • Distance: 50km from the Center of Kampala City.
  • Beneficiary: UYSTO targeted most vulnerable young people and Teenage Mothers.



Uganda Youth Skills Training The organization (UYSTO) started in 2004 and got registered as a community based organization in 2007, which was later in 2008 upgraded to NGO, And since then, UYSTO has created a big impact among the target communities, manifesting youths and women being self-employed, absorbed in the employment sector and accessed other post graduate opportunities like joining further studies. The number of those benefited from UYSTO directly in vocational, entrepreneurship and career education, since UYSTO started is over 850, 90% of all these is engaged in construction sites as technicians, self-created jobs as individual technicians and others establish enterprises hence increased employment opportunities among the youths and women. These own tailoring and fashion designing business, Carpentry workshops, working in group garages and workshops, transport sector as drivers, knitting and crochet and fashion designs online businesses, started own companies as Non-Governmental and community based organizations as well as joining tertiary institutions for further studies.

The other evidence of UYSTO’s work can be manifested from these links below:           





UYSTO short documentary - YouTube , https://www.facebook.com/maaheFurnitureSolutions https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100076251559260 https://www.facebook.com/cheerfulfashion256


https://www.muwada.org/ https://www.nfdo-ug.org/




The organization is funded by Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec), European Union under Erasmus +, Firda VGS Norway and community contributions. And these mentioned above, are main partners of UYSTO in development.

UYSTO started in humble way like any other starting organization, and has slowly grown into a huge organization with 22 workers and 13 local volunteers, and before the Covid pandemic, UYSTO annually used to host a total number of 20 international volunteers. With UYSTO’s steady development, our one partner (Firda VGS Norway) fundraised for purchasing land. We have the land in the names of Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization. We are now reaching out to outsource support such that we can develop land by putting the structures like, administration offices, instructional workshops, classes, cultural center and volunteer house.

Relatedly, where we are renting currently, the management needs its structures for a different purpose, so without any external intervention to help UYSTO own its home might lead into a testing moment to the UYSTO management.


  1. Equipping the youth with vocational and technical skills.
  2. Contributing towards environmental conservation and management.
  3. To provide start-up capital, materials and moral support to vulnerable young youths.

And at the core of interventions, it is a partnership for sustainable development, which is based on 3 directions:

  1. Advocating for improved infrastructure of vocational training within the Ugandan Educational system.
  2. Facilitating access to vocational training by providing training to youth in and out of school.
  3. Increasing international awareness and collaborating with companies and organizations that socially and economically want to invest, improve and empower young’s people’s and women lives for attaining sustainable development in Uganda.


UYSTO started in humble way like any other starting organization, and has slowly grown into a huge organization with 22 workers,18 being the full time workers, and 13 volunteers, it owns assets that we can no longer be able to manage in the rented buildings, we are limited to expansion for effective implementation and achievement of its vision. The program fee of EUR 750 shall be used for airport transfers, feeding at the site, preparing architectural constructional drafts/drawing, approving the drawings, land grading, buying of constructional materials, (cement, Iron bars, gravels, sand, water, bricks, windows, doors, electric wires, sockets and switches, conduits, pipes, galvanized iron sheets, timber, hoop irons, nails, z sections, tools and equipment (wheel burrows, spades, hoes, peak forks, forks) recreational facilities ( volleyball, basketball pitches and indoor games and lastly labour costs for the engineers and technicians.


The youth and women of Uganda like any other African country with youths and women are categorized in the bracket of vulnerable people with no defined sources of income for their economic ambitions making it extremely hard for them to realize their developmental ideas and success in life. Their education set up background is typically based on theory formal education and none education and this makes it hard practically to compete in the world of employment. Together with this situation above and the scarcity of job opportunities available in our country, youths and women find it very hard to secure what to engage in for earning. Similarly, there is employers’ job mismatch with the bigger percentage of the labor force available in the country, once this project is supported, 50% of illiterate youths and women within catchment areas will acquire skills and competences to get engaged in productions, leading to both the individual and country’s growth. UYSTO trains the most vulnerable youths and women in hands on skills (Vocational Education Training), entrepreneurship and Career guidance. We also coordinate HIV/AIDS, Covid-19 and Sexual reproductive health rights, environmental Conservation management, Care and support to vulnerable groups of people, Culture and Sports as well as gender equality as a crossing cutting issue.

Your support will help the most vulnerable groups of women and youth access vocational skills training facilities and other knowledge and skills from the thematic areas that UYSTO coordinates at the organization. This will empower them with knowledge, skills and competence to address their social economic challenges that affect them and be able to participate in their country’s (Uganda) agenda development plans.


The project will address unemployment challenges and, create job path to youths and women, gain knowledge, skills and competences in tackling challenges that holistically affect their communities within the metropolitan Kampala area. Reduced levels of women husband and child father dependence, domestic violence and highway robberies. There will be also increased revenue tax base, growth domestic products and working as an alternative solution to school drop outs. Hosting volunteers at subsidized costs and selling of vocational department’s productions, increases sustainability in the organization. Cultural diversity activities will be promoted and exercised using cultural center. All these will be as a result of youths and women access to social economic sustainable training establishment and facilities available at UYSTO.


Like any other metropolitan area, Kampala metropolitan area is composed of urban poor population without viable or defined sources of income. Majority of the people in metropolitan Kampala depend on “Mero yalero” or “Kagwilawo” (literally meaning day’s survival) principle, and this is very dangerous to our societies. With this infrastructure in place, we shall empower these young people, youths and women to be the self-reliant as well as increasing their capacity to meet their social life needs.

Heads of families, especially single mothers find it difficult to support their families because of not having permanent/viable/defined sources of sustainable income, and this affects their general living patterns. 


Namayumba is in Busiro North and is one of the sub-counties in Wakiso district with a population of 33,320 both females and males, according to the district current statistical information from Community development office correspondence.

The socio- economic background of Namayumba is affected by different challenges where the main two challenges were economic recession /poverty and domestic violence. Respondents from the case study conducted by Makerere University in Namayumba, 2019, with a sample of 370 people from a population of 12,736, 95.7% attributed substance abuse as the main cause of domestic violence as the economic recess/poverty taking 43%. It is also noticed that they are 2 government aided vocational training institutions in Wakiso but also not accessible by the all communities due to distance and education background, which is a requirement to be enrolled.


  1. To strengthen, expand and empower UYSTO’s capacity to operate for effective service delivery as well as accessing own infrastructure.
  2. To put in place an alternative access to drop outs and reducing levels of burdens at both community and household level.
  3. To provide self-confident labor force as it addresses the question of employer’s mismatch demands/needs.
  4. To train and provide job creators into the Uganda’s economy most specially in this era of post covid-19 challenges and recessed global economy, when everyone is concerned on how to revamp from the pandemic and economy recess.
  5. Promotion of cultural diversities competences among the locals and the international volunteers.


  1. Share with a friend to offer a hand of support to this project achieved.
  2. If possible travel with camp sleeping tent.
  3. You are free to contribute more than the program fee.
  4. Volunteers should be above 18 years of age, those below would be possible for them to attend the camp if they are travelling in family groups.
  5. Should be able to communicate in English or equivalent (basics in English)
  6. Engineers, Technicians are encouraged to apply as 100% of the work falls in their area.
  7. Non engineers, technicians too can apply.

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