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Some of the activities that tools from TWAM help us in is training young people to have a very living brigter and self reliant life

In Uganda youth Skills Training Organization,the following are being carried out:

We are advocating for technical Vocational Skills Training, as this is automatically including all youths in and out of schools or local communities, teenagers mothers, window and widowers .This equips the youths with the hope of earning a living at all cost. Because at least some handy skills will be obtained at early stages of growth and at the finger tips of the beneficiary.We are establishing technical vocational training centers at all levels of schools ie Primary levels, local council youths communities Secondary levels ,college levels and any other interested institutions like universities.

We are training Kiburi primary teachers college in tailoring over 258 students such that they help in strengthening the sensitization tools to the population about the values and importance of vocational skills development and training to the future generation of Uganda
We are training Uganda martyr’s primary school with over 150 young people.
We have trained 132 young people in tailoring at Makerere Church of Uganda primary school and 80 young people in carpentry at Nabagereka Primary school. We have trained over 30 teenager mothers in tailoring and candle making.

We sustain vocational training centers.
We carry out mobilization and sensitization to communities about technical vocational skills development and its impact in getting rid of unemployment , which is a big problem here in Uganda and other related challenges that affect the youths.We have been also given a land for constructing vocational skills training center and HIV/AIDS clinic for youth and we are looking for any kind of support to put this into place.

The vocational courses we offer include:
Carpentry, Tailoring, Plumbing,Information Computer technology (ICT) brick laying concrete and practice,leather and shoe works,and many more to come.

We have also started a program called youth in service,this program is intended for all senior levels in our catchment areas and this is for only 4 months and the program is to open to all the youths.

Along side vocational programs ,we also collect books from donar countries and give them to the communities for developing personal reading,reading for pleasure and promotion of reading literacy levels to our partner institutions.

We need your help

Let’s Stop This hunger and fullfill their happiness

UYSTO works hard and tirelessly to address issues concerning poverty and hunger, with its approaches of basic skills in entrepreneurship and hands on skills training and food tower construction

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