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Sanitary Pads

Due to increased drop out number of girls in schools, UYSTO decided to train science teachers, senior women teachers, students and instructors to constantly produce and provide reusable sanitary pads to a poor urban girl child since the project will keep 40% of girls in school. These sanitary pads will be produced by students themselves and our instructors using the tools provided by UYSTO and this will ensure constant supply of reusable pads to girls in schools.

The challenge is that girls are dropping out of school due to lack of sanitary pads. This is now common in developing countries Uganda being one with most of the drop outs. Research done by Build Africa has shown that bigger number of girls in Uganda is dropping out school tremendously. Our project will benefit girls in poor urban schools i.e. Primary and secondary schools.

The project will train teachers, students and technician Instructors to locally produce reusable sanitary pads with cheap materials and tools. This will also help the girls to produce their own pads at anywhere and with cheap materials like pieces of cloth, threads and hand needles. Technician Instructors will constantly remain in production of sanitary pads such that girls can always access them at any time when the demand raises. Constant production and at personal level will solve this problem.

With this project, we are going to increase on the enrolment of girls in schools by 40% for a long period of time since they will be now with skills of producing for themselves, moreover using readily available materials and tools like hand needles, any piece of cloth around so long as it is washed and ironed. There will be also employment to those who will take far this project i.e. like producing for sale to women who cannot afford to buy disposal sanitary pads.10000 people will be affected.

This project is being fundraised for all over the world through Global giving.

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