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Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Environmental conservation and management is our priority too, due to the man activities, we believe that the nature is gradually getting endangered. UYSTO intervention is in areas of tree planting and this is done right away from A-Z planning and this includes sighting best mother trees that would provide indigenous seeds that do comply with the surrounding environment, site, nursery bed preparation and management up to planting.

We educate, train and inform communities about environmental degradation in general like climate change cause, effects and possible solutions in regarding Uganda’s climate change policies of adaptation and mitigation, practicing of 6rs i.e. reuse, recycle, refuse etc., is also one of the interventions we employ to manage our environment. Our commitment with Kikandwa Environmental Association to plant 2 million indigenous trees by the 2040 calls for every one’s intervention.

We form environmental clubs in schools to instill in the young people, the enthusiasm of caring for the nature and accepts climate change as the world scourge that we must act to reverse the effects.

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide

Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities

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