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Cultural Center

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization operates a Uganda Youth Skills Training Center which offers a variety of vocational skills and entrepreneurship training for youth in Uganda. A part of the training center has been developed into a cultural center where people from different parts of Uganda and other countries including Norway and Malawi, share different traditions, including food, music, dance, drama, language and sports and games. The cultural center currently is hosting countries ‘organizations among of which, the following organizations are included; Firda VGS Norway, Flora Upper Secondary Schools in Flora, Norway, Youth-Code Malawi and Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization. The vocational, entrepreneurship skills training and the cultural center are supported under North-South- South exchange by Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec). However, Firda VGS Norway through the Exchange Cooperation Partner Development Assistance Strategy (ECPDAS) created within the main exchange, has supported the cultural center holistically, with equipment, instruments, full time internet, human resource support subsidizing on the Norec human resource commonly known as participants and now fundraising to have UYSTO own its home from the leased land. All well-wishers willing to support Firda VGS to help UYSTO own its independent home can also donate through https://www.givingway.com/donate/uganda-youth-skills-training-organization

The center’s future goals include:

o Strengthened and improved capacity of the organizational service delivery and visibility
o Increased number of networks in area of cultural diversity integration.
o Improved performing arts, mural and drawing skills among area citizens
o Providing practicing platforms for young upcoming performing artists
o International language training opportunities
o Restoring, maintaining and promoting different cultural traditions
o Increased employment opportunities to the youths among the participating partner countries organizations
o Minimum 50% of UYSTO’s training center students access post graduate opportunities within 1 year after completion.

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide

Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities

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