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Uganda Youth Skills Training Organisation
  • Technical Vocational Skills

    Intensive mobilization, information and education on vocational skills, advocacy for vocational skills and communication campaigns development among communities. Sensitizing and encouraging schools to establish vocational training centers.

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  • Environmental Programs

    Community sensitization about tree planting and its impact on the local environment.
    Raising awareness about waste management and carbon emissions.
    Information campaigns to raise awareness on climate change within the community.

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  • Psychological Support for Vulnerable children

    Phyco-social support for vulnerable young people.

    Initiating income generating projects for vulnerable children at their schools.

    Teaching in schools and polytechnics, primary, secondary schools

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  • Good Willl Painting Work Camp

    Before the introduction of Universal primary education program, the current UPE implementing schools were both church and Islam founded schools. With the introduction of this UPE program, the founding bodies left all the responsibilities to the government, and government being with many responsibilities in its other sectors, coupled with limited resources, finds it hard to rebuild/repair the school infrastructure.

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    Most Ugandan Universal Primary Education (UPE) undergoing pupils are not provided with lunch and yet hungry student cannot study well. A few parents who attempt to provide lunch, they can only afford to provide posho and beans yet this diet is not balanced for the school going child.

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Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities

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