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Games and Sports Open Program GSOP

GSOP at UYSTO is a program that brings together, the community youths and students at the training center (UYSTO). The program was introduced as a result of availing the youths a right to play.
Most of the youths we get here have a poor parental background or are the most dismantled youths that we believe have missed this kind of socializing during their growth process and thought that this could build up their mind and access them back to a loving society.

Secondary, we introduced this as one way of creating openness among the youths. We believe that youths will get close to each other and the staff at UYSTO and perhaps open up and share their challenging situations to either their fellow youths or the staff and then UYSTO be able to intervene for any kind of the help as deemed to be.
Thirdly for physical fitness, and menstrual crumps relief. We believe that exercise make someone fit and we look at opening up this program at UYSTO as the only way, our students and staff getting a rid of the healthy issues. Menstrual crumps have been looked as one of the major challenging women’s production yields not only to the woman as an individual but also to the country’s an agenda development plans. This for sure inspired us to have this GSOP at the organization.

- To create openness among the youths.
- Practicing of physical exercises for the purpose of keeping UYSTO affiliates out of healthy issues.
- To present to the youths a right and access to play sustainably.
- To access games and sports skills to young people and use them as a channel to development.
The program gets sports equipment and financial support from our partners in Norway, Flora Upper Secondary school (FUSS) and Spain, La Rotllana.
The games are both outdoor and indoor, but so far games available are Volley ball, Football both girls and boys, Badminton, Cheese, Rudo, Draft, athletics, Rope skipping, Golo games among others.

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