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Uganda Youth Skills Training Organisation

Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training

Vocational and entrepreneurship training project; this is a project funded by Norwegian Agency for exchange cooperation (NOREC) former FK Norway and in this, we do exchange of personnel, train vocational skills and entrepreneurship and integration of culture among the partner participating countries is the part of this project.

Fuss Norway.
Youth Code Malawi formerly NYO.

Uganda Youth Skills Training Organization.
We are also planning to include FIRDA VGS Norway.
The three partners aim to improve employability and access to post school opportunities for youth. High quality education, partnerships with local businesses, and integrated entrepreneurship training, life skills, career guidance and counselling we believe are important tools in order to stand out and strengthen the student’s employability.

UYSTO independent objective.
UYSTO will enhance and strengthen its organisation capacity.
Increase impact on UYSTO target within 3 years; 33 %
Minimum 50 % of its student’s access post graduate opportunities within 1 year after completion.

We Partner for Sustainable Growth in Uganda and Worldwide

Committed to developing young people in Uganda through sustainable skills and we are the source of opportunities

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